Founded in 1980 as part of the national CISPES network, Seattle CISPES is a grassroots organization working for social justice and human rights in El Salvador and the United States.

Our values:

  • We believe in universal human rights and the equality of all people. Therefore, we oppose a global economic order that puts corporate profit before the interests of people and results in a widening gap between rich and poor. We fight against trade deals such as the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) and against the privatization of essential services, including health care and water. We work for the rights of immigrants in the United States.
  • We believe in democracy and the self-determination of all peoples.  Therefore, we oppose U.S. political, economic and military intervention in El Salvador and throughout Latin America. We support regional cooperation and diplomacy based on the principles of sovereignty and mutual respect among nations.
  • We support efforts of those in El Salvador working for social justice, human rights and democracy.  We maintain long-standing relationships with women’s organizations students, labor unions and other marginalized groups.
  • We work to dismantle oppressive behaviors and structures in our society and within our own organization.