Building Power & Solidarity :: A Fall Training with Seattle CISPES

Building Power & Solidarity

A Training Series With Seattle CISPES

October – November 2014
Location: TBD

Join the Seattle chapter of Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) for a training series to build our organizing skills, political analysis,  and community.   This is an exciting opportunity to re-engage for long-time members and we also welcome new folks who are interested in getting involved for the first time.

Please fill out this mini-survey to save your spot in class.  As all are welcome, we strongly encourage Salvadoran-Americans to apply.


Dates: We will be convening once a week for four weeks.   There will be a potluck each session to keep us well nourished,  community building to keep us smiling, and inspiring discussion to keep us fighting for a new world.  The dates include…

  • October 12th (Sunday) — 5-8pm
  • October 19th (Sunday) — 5-8pm
  • October 26th (Sunday) — 5-8pm
  • November 2nd (Sunday) — 5-8pm


Political Analysis:  Participants will have an opportunity to deepen political analysis, including…

  • CISPES 101 – We will learn about the powerful history of CISPES’s approach to solidarity.
  • History of Movement in El Salvador – We will learn about the emergence of the FMLN and the grassroots movement that is fighting U.S. domination and building a new world.
  • Immigrant Justice – Identifying the root causes of migration and discussing the transformative approaches to fighting for immigrant justice in the United States.
  • Solidarity & Oppression –  Participants will discuss how fighting oppression (eg: racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia) is intimately connected to powerful solidarity work.



Organizing Skills:  Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to sharpen and practice their community organizing skills…
  • Elevator Speech – Participants will have an opportunity to craft and practice their CISPES elevator speech that is rooted in your experience and values.
  • Making Asks – Participants will have numerous opportunities to make direct asks — for fundraising, recruitment, task delegation, and outreach.
  • Planning Meetings – Participants will learn about the nuts-and-bolts of planning an effective meeting.
  • Social Justice Research – Participants will engage in mini research project on immigrant justice and get to connect with movement leaders.
  • Popular Education – Throughout the experience, participants will learn about building learner-centered education rooted in our social justice values.


Commitments: We are asking participants to make the following commitments…

  • Attendance — We are requesting that each participant make a commitment to attend each session, we are able to work with you if this is not possible.
  • Event Planning — Participants will play an active role in organizing a CISPES public event in mid-November. This will be a hybrid graduation celebration, fundraiser, and speaking tour talk (CISPES is hosting an outside guest from El Salvador).
  • Membership — We are seeking to build the chapter and hoping that individuals will be involved in 2015 as a CISPES member, involvement as a member is flexible.


Please remember to register to save your spot.  You are welcome to contact us for further information ( or feel free to use the survey if you have any questions or would like to share any concerns about access. Thank you!

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