• Material Aid Fundraising
    Over the last year, we have raised more than $6,000 to fund social justice organizing efforts in El Salvador.
  • Delegations to El Salvador
    Our delegations observe elections, meet with our partner organizations and learn from the heroic work being done by organizers in El Salvador.
  • Congressional Lobbying
    We meet with Members of Congress about trade policy, police and military training, elections and other issues that affect El Salvador.  We also organize grassroots pressure in response to human rights violations and other urgent situations.
  • Welcoming Leaders from El Salvador
    CISPES frequently hosts Salvadoran social movement and political leaders who meet with Congress, speak at schools and take part in events.
  • Outreach and Education
    We give presentations on issues facing El Salvador and Latin America at schools and community organizations.  We sponsor public events and host student interns.
  • Coalition Building
    Seattle CISPES collaborates with local partners – including trade, immigrant rights, labor and solidarity groups – to take up specific issues and campaigns.